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At Appreciate U, Inc we are creating a self-improvement program that helps users decrease negative self-talk and increase thoughts of empowerment, happiness, and self-worth using fun, uplifting games, playful graphics, and powerful affirmations.

We do this by incorporating law of attraction and manifestation principles to help you feel better emotionally and mentally.


The way we see it, when individuals are kinder to themselves, they are kinder to those around them which creates a ripple effect that unites us in compassion, respect, and dignity.

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Promotes mindfulness, confidence, and self-worth

  • Increase positive thoughts by building positive thinking habits

  • Fun, uplifting games

  • Powerful affirmations

  • Playful graphics

  • Scores and friendly competition

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by A. Maija Russell, CEO and founder.

I come from a family of therapists. In our small ranch home outside Portland, Oregon, discussions about mental health and depression were commonplace. At the young age of twelve, I had my first up-close experience with suicide. Every year after that, a couple of my classmates would choose to end their lives. Through the questions and sadness, I became fascinated by the mind. What was happening in the minds of everyone around me? How could we see the world so differently? What creates happiness? Is it a byproduct of something we are born with or without? Or is it created through choice or by circumstances? This curiosity took me on a lifelong journey into finding the overall cause of happiness, self-empowerment, and how the power of our inner monologue plays into our daily life and the world.

As I grew, I began reading books like The Brain that Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidge, The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama, and books on quantum physics like The Field by Lynne McTaggart. I moved to Orlando, Florida, and became an avid traveler. On a backpacking trip around Asia, I stopped by monasteries in India, Thailand, and China asking monks questions about their perception of happiness. Through my studies and travels, everyone had a similar answer. Happiness was a choice that we had to make every day. Day by day, choice by choice, we can build habits to create happiness. 
 In early 2019, I was watching the news. I saw divisiveness, bullying, and misery spread by unhappy people. I thought to myself, people that treat others in this way cannot be very happy. Because when we are happy, we are naturally more kind, accepting, and open to others.  I wanted to help on a big scale. So I meditated on the question, “how can I help?" The next day I started working on the test app for Appreciate U. It would help people retrain their inner dialogue to be empowering and uplifting. I wanted to help people build daily habits that would help them achieve consistent happiness. That happiness will set off a ripple effect that will unite us in compassion, dignity, and respect. 

My name is Maija Russell. I am the founder and CEO of Appreciate U, Inc. We are taking Appreciate U to the next level and releasing it to the masses. Our mission is to help humanity thrive by leading individuals to self-empowerment through fun, original, and accessible content.


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Appreciate U Core Values

1. Keeping conversations positive.

2. Prioritize diversity and inclusion.

3. Green thinking and eco-conscious.

4. Be solution-driven.

5. Empowerment for all.



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